Workshop: Plant Signal transduction pathways in Nitrogen-fixing symbioses

Where: "Centro Congressi" University Federico II, Aula Magna Partenope, Via Partenope 36 (few steps from the Royal Continental Hotel, ENFC2020 venue)
When: to be advised

Registration fee: 35 Euro (covering lunch and coffe breaks)
It is possible to sign in to the meeting just after the main confernce ENFC2020 online registration

The workshop will cover aspects of signal transduction in the host during the establishment of nodulation symbiosis.
We aim for a relaxed, discussion-focused atmosphere. Student and postdoctoral projects will be prioritised. If you would like to attend the workshop, please register via the conference website. Abstracts for presentations will be selected from conference submissions of individuals who co-registered for the workshop. There will be no poster session. 

Session 1:
Signaling mechanisms for bacterial accommodation.
Organizers: Fernanda De-Carvalho-Niebel, Myriam Charpentier, Salvatore Cozzolino.

Session 2:
Signaling mechanisms regulating nodulation.
Organizers: Katharina Markmann, Florian Frugier, Dugald Reid.